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Package Zen delivers the highest accountability,
cutting turnaround time by at least 90%.

The Package Zen Difference

One simple system to manage any inbound item. No training, software integration, setup,
leasing or equipment maintenance contracts. One price includes everything.

Your Package Zen enabled mailroom

  • Snap a photo of any and every delivery label. Done.

Time Per Item: Under 10 seconds

Time for 100 items: 16 minutes

The Old Way

  • Arrange all packages next to a terminal.

  • Open PC-based software package.

  • Scan each package using a tethered scanner.

  • Type the recipient’s name into a form.

  • Choose the correct person from a long dropdown list.

  • Create a new recipient record if they do not exist.

  • Select "send email" if system is able to send email.

  • Type the sender’s information into a form.

  • Save new package record.

  • Print new label with customer internal barcode.

  • Scan label (again) with scanner to add (new) barcode.

Time Per Item: Up to 4 minutes

Time for 100 items: 6½ hours

Time Per Item: Under 10 seconds

Time for 100 items: 16 minutes

Time Per Item: Up to 4 minutes

Time for 100 items: 6½ hours

Which one would you choose?

More Time. More Money.

Logging deliveries, notifying the right person, sending reminders, and recording where each delivery ends up can take up to 8 hours for every 100 deliveries.

Package Zen replaces all of those steps with one screen tap.

8 hours of work turns into 30 minutes.

What could you do with an extra 7½ hours?

No More Questions

No more "Did UPS come yet?" or "Did I get any packages today?" or "Did that get dropped off at my desk?"

Simply snap a photo of each package label, and within 5 minutes the recipient will receive an email or SMS with a photo of their delivery. They'll know exactly what they received, who it's from, and where it is.

Package Zen is the answer.

Complete Accountability

"We can't find that because…"
"Delivered to John Smith's office at 2:36pm,
12 minutes after FedEx dropoff"

Package Zen automatically logs and provides searchable internal proof-of-delivery for any item you receive, anywhere you receive it. Never lose track of another delivery — period.

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Anywhere you receive deliveries — Package Zen has you covered!

Front Desks

Greeting visitors. Handling phone calls. Tracking down everything. Help staff focus on people, not packages!


Cut turnaround time 90%. Receive any shipment, generate complete searchable records, and have it out for internal delivery in minutes.

Loading Docks

Efficiency is just as important as accountability. Log every piece of every load in minutes, complete with photos!

How it works

If you have ever taken a photo on your phone, than you already know how to use Package Zen.

  1. You snap a photo of any delivery label using the Package Zen app – on your device or the one we provide as part of our service.
  2. Package Zen automatically processes the label and identifies the correct recipient.
  3. Package Zen notifies and reminds the recipient via email or SMS with a picture of the label.
  4. You snap a photo of the delivery label when the item is picked up or delivered internally.
  5. Package Zen automatically marks the item as completed and generates a searchable record.



One Screen Tap

Log or sign out a delivery simply by snapping a photo of the shipping or delivery label using the Package Zen app.

No Data Entry — Ever!

Package Zen automatically extracts all the needed information from the image of the delivery label - handwritten, printed, or barcoded. We do the work, not you.

No Training Needed

If your staff has ever used a camera, they already know how to use Package Zen.

Automatic Contact Database Management

Zero Integration Time

Package Zen uses the data we glean from each delivery label to automatically identify the correct, primary email address or cell phone for every recipient.

Continuously Updated

As you receive deliveries, we update the contact database automatically. Because it's 2018, dammit.

No Data Sharing

You do not need to share contact data with us, and we do not share contact data with anyone else.

Automatic Notifications and Reminders

Photo-based Notifications

Within 5 minutes of logging any delivery, the right person has an email or SMS notification that includes a photo of the delivery label.

Automatic Reminders

Package Zen will automatically remind your employees if they haven't picked up their unclaimed delivery within a couple of days.

98% Email Open Rate

Recipients love Package Zen’s photo notifications. 98% open rates means recipients pick up their deliveries and stop calling, emailing, or stopping by to ask.

Complete Accountability

Searchable Records

Find where it is, what it is, and who has it in a few seconds through the Package Zen web dashboard.

Easy POD / Sign-Out Process

Snap a photo of the delivery label and collect a signature or any other needed information. Package Zen updates all records automatically.

Customizable Workflows

Capture any information you choose when an item is delivered or picked up internally: signatures, names, office numbers, etc. — directly on the device.

Simple Pricing

Save 75 % of the total cost of managing inbound deliveries
Get in touch with us for your monthly quote that
includes everything, even hardware.

No gimmicks, setup costs, hidden fees, or long-term contracts.

Try Package Zen for free for 30 days - no strings attached.

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Package Zen is easiest way to receive and manage deliveries.