Delivery and Package Management Made Simple

Just Two Screen Taps ...

Snap a Photo

with the Package Zen mobile app. Any address label works: handwritten, printed, barcoded. Package Zen handles them all.


You're done. Package Zen identifies the recipient and handles notification. All delivery info is recorded automatically.

... and Package Zen handles the rest

Free 30 day trial

Automatic Notifications

Package Zen sorts out who the delivery or package is for and notifies the right person via email or SMS. The fully customizable notification includes all delivery details and One-Click confirmation instructions.
The person logging packages just snaps a photo. Package Zen covers the rest.

One-Click Pickup Confirmation

Gone are the days of paper binders, signature pads, tablets, or other hardware.
We designed Package Zen from the ground up for today's office and home. The recipient simply clicks on the link in the notification on their phone. Pickup is confirmed and recorded automatically.

Complete Searchable Records

Package Zen stores complete, searchable records for every delivery.
Have the who, what, when, and where of every delivery at their finger tips.

Who Uses Package Zen?

Traditional Offices
Office Suites
Serviced Offices
Managed Office Parks
Shared Offices
Co-Working Spaces

Student Residences
Extended Stay Hotels
Gated Communities

Package Zen makes receiving deliveries & packages for others simple.

The Package Zen Difference


Package Zen is the only delivery receiving software or service that...

  • Lets you log a package and notify the recipient with just two taps of any Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Lets you use your own device if you so choose.
  • Requires no add-on hardware or scanners of any kind.
  • Offers recipients the ease of One-Click pickup confirmation.
  • Requires no training of any kind. If you know how to snap a photo on a smartphone you already know how to use Package Zen.


Package Zen handles any and all deliveries.

  • Courier deliveries
  • Packages from Fedex, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc...
  • Hand-lettered packages with no barcode.
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Groceries
  • Flowers
  • Any delivery with either a name, company name, or unit number on it.

One system for everything. Package Zen.


Package Zen offers the fastest delivery management service for front desks.

Other services claim to be fast. Then why is your staff still typing in last names and unit numbers for every package after scanning the barcode? That's not fast. With Package Zen just snap a photo and on to the next delivery. No more going from package to keyboard and back.

Since Package Zen can process any conceivable delivery automatically, hand-lettered deliveries or packages with damaged bar codes do not have to be keyed in manually.


Shared Offices


Per Location, Monthly

Apartments Condos


Per Unit, Monthly

Corporate Offices


Per Employee, Monthly

Student Housing


Per Bed, Monthly


Every Package Zen Plan Includes

Personalized Setup
Phone and Email Support by living breathing people in Chicago
Unlimited Mobile App Users - only needed by staff logging packages
Unlimited Custom Electronic Reminders
Month-to-Month Pricing - Cancel Anytime

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