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Snap a photo with the Package Zen app

That's it. You're done.

With Package Zen, logging any item is as easy as taking a picture of the delivery label using our easy-to-use app.

The delivery images are immediately uploaded to Package Zen's secure cloud servers, where our software takes over.

No images are stored on the smart device — which we include at no charge as part of the Package Zen service.


Notifications and Reminders Are Sent Automatically

Package Zen's secure cloud service automatically identifies the right person and finds their correct, primary email address or cell phone.

Package Zen requires no data sharing or integrations into existing systems.

Within 5 minutes, Package Zen sends a fully customizable notification to the right person via email or SMS.


Photo-based Notifications Get Opened

Package Zen includes an image of the delivery label so recipients know exactly what is waiting for them.

98.3% of Package Zen's notifications are opened by the recipient, which means residents pick up their deliveries 3x faster.

After a week using Package Zen, your mail room will have 60% less stuff in it.


Simple, Customizable Proof of Delivery

When a delivery is picked up by the recipient, simply snap a photo of the delivery label and collect proof of pickup.

Package Zen automatically matches the image of a delivery that was received to the delivery that was picked up. The proof of delivery/pickup process is completely customizable for your location.

Package Zen allows you to collect a signature directly on the included smartdevice or any other information you require.

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